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Product update Northern Ireland

21.12.2023 | by Juvela

Product update Northern Ireland 

We know this won’t be welcome news to many and apologise for any inconvenience. From the 8th January, our Fresh Loaves and Rolls will no longer be available in Northern Ireland. This doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy your favourite Juvela sandwiches! Our longer life Loaves and Rolls are still available, ideal for sandwiches, toast or to use in recipes.

As with our Fresh Loaves and Rolls, you can choose from white and fibre and have the added bonus of choosing between sliced or unsliced. The Unsliced Loaves are perfect if you like a thicker slice or for tearing in to chunks to dunk in your favourite soup.

The special packaging used with the bread allows the bread to have an extended shelf-life prior to opening. Once opened the bread should remain fresh for up to 3 days if stored in an airtight container and in a cool dry place. To freeze, pierce a hole in the outer packaging or remove from packaging and place in freezer bags for up to 1 month.

    French Toast made with Juvela Long Life Bread

    What our customers say about our Long Life Loaves...

    "The bread is delicious and the fact that it is vitamin enhanced is so important for me."

    "Their part baked rolls are incredible!"

    "The Juvela long life loaves are great!"

    All Purpose Flour Mix 

    Alternatively, our All Purpose Flour Mix is available on prescription; it makes delicious freshly baked loaves and rolls - Anna's recipe is quick and easy as it requires no kneading and only has to prove once. You can find our Fresh Bread recipe here.

    Juvela Fresh Bread made with All Purpose Flour Mix

    What our customers say about our Flour Mix ...

    "The white bread mix makes the best bread."

    "I order the Juvela flour mix to make my husband’s bread as he is coeliac. Best bread ever."

    "The White mix is the most amazing product perfect results every time whatever you make, cakes bread pastry just perfect I’d be lost without you. Thank you so much."

    "Juvela white mix is the best there is when making bread and other things such as pastry and pizza bases."

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