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Gluten Free Pantry Cupboard Recipes

24.03.2020 | by Juvela

As many of us in the UK are spending more time inside, here are some ideas of how to maintain a varied, healthy diet using gluten free pantry essentials.

Juvela Gluten Free White and Fibre Flour Mixes 
Our all-purpose Mixes are fortified and can be used to make anything. Use our Mixes to make homemade bread, cakes, pastry, biscuits and to thicken sauces. Need some recipe ideas of how to use your Mix?

Basic Bread

The ultimate staple, basic gluten free bread is surprisingly quick and easy to make yourself.
Check out our recipe here

 Gluten Free Pasta

As shortages of gluten free pasta in supermarkets continue, it's worth trying out making your own fresh pasta. Not only is freshly made pasta delicious, making it is also a fun family activity!

Read the recipe here.

Gluten Free Naan Bread with a curry

Make your own gluten free naan and pair with a curry for a wholesome meal. Curries are a great meal to throw together with stock cupboard essentials, such as dried lentils, tinned chickpeas and canned tomatoes or coconut milk with any vegetables you have to hand.
Read our naan bread recipe here, or why not try our Tikka Turkey Loaded Naan recipe?

 Chicken Fajitas

Make your own wraps with our Mix! Surprisingly easy to throw together, you can fill your wraps with all kinds of different ingredients.
Read the recipe here

Gluten Free Pancakes

Why do we only eat pancakes on Pancake Day when they make us so happy? Pancakes can be made sweet or savoury and only use a handful of ingredients.
View the recipe here

 Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Baking can be therapeutic for many people and it's a great way to keep children occupied. Try making this gluten free take on a classic pudding, which can be made with frozen fruit too. 
Read the recipe here

Sultana Cookies

Cookies are a quick and easy sweet treat to rustle up. This recipe uses sultanas, but you can swap them for chocolate chips if you have them to hand.
Check out the recipe here.

Juvela GF Longlife and Part Baked Loaves & Rolls
Ideal for toast, sandwiches and breadcrumbs, we recommend opting for our long-life range during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's a few ideas of what to make with them...

Mini Pizzas

Great for a quick lunch, these mini pizzas can be made with our longlife rolls. Simply slice in half and cover with your favourite pizza toppings!
View the recipe

Beetroot & Lentil Burgers

Lentils are the type of ingredient that many people keep handy in their cupboard for months on end. Try using these reliable legumes to make our healthy vegetarian and gluten free Beetroot burgers, housed in a longlife Juvela Roll.

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