Hurray! Pancake Tuesday!

I love Pancake day - it transports me back to being a child. I would try to eat as many as possible, so I could go into school the next day to hopefully be the highest scorer for the number of pancakes consumed. I still have high expectations as to how many I can eat but tend to have to call it a day at 3!

Nowadays my pancakes are of course gluten free. However, they still taste amazing and are so quick and easy to prepare. Much like a sandwich, pancakes have a neutral flavour, so the filling can be sweet or savoury. There are no limitations to the choice of food that can be used to fill them.

I’m sure like me you will have your own favourite gluten free filling. I thought I’d share a couple of mine with you…


I made this first pancake (picture below) with savoury minced beef topped with grated mature cheddar cheese; baked in the oven. You could fill your pancakes with any savoury ingredients you fancy… I think something like a left-over chilli would be tasty too. The pancakes would also work well to replace gluten free lasagne sheets as the texture is very similar.

For my minced beef; I just browned off about 1lb (450g) mince in a saucepan and then added a chopped carrot and onion. Pop in a Knorr* beef stock pot (these are currently marked GF but do always check!) and enough boiled water from the kettle to cover the meat. Simmer for 30 minutes for the liquid to reduce (which is fine as long as it does not boil dry). To thicken I use gluten free Bisto granules (found in the free-from aisle) and seasoned to taste. I then placed the pancakes in an oven proof dish, filled generously with mince, tucked the pancakes in, and sprinkled the cheese over the top. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 25 minutes (Gas Mark 6 / 400F / 200C / 180C Fan)


Maple syrup and fruit is great. But today thought I would try out some chocolate* spread with my fruit.

These pancakes happened by accident. I just thought I would do some little ones with a handful of sultanas* added to the mix before frying. They turned out like a scotch pancake and tasted great cold and spread with butter.

And finally, my favourite - Good old sugar and lemon. For me this is my ultimate pancake topper!! Here is the recipe to ensure you can “get flipping” on Pancake day!!

Best wishes

Liz x

*Check no gluten containing ingredient or “may contain” warnings on packets. If in doubt leave it out.

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