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Our shop: Gluten free deliveries baked to order and delivered to your door the very next day

11.05.2022 | by Juvela

Have you visited our gluten free shop? 

If not, you should…it’s marvellous - gluten free every day essentials at your fingertips!

A few clicks of your mouse, a couple of days and just like magic your breadbin, kitchen cupboards, fridge & freezer are all stuffed full of all your every day gluten free essentials!

Our shop is incredibly beneficial if you live in non-prescribing areas of England and a great way to top up your prescription if you live in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or prescribing areas of England. Through our shop we can deliver five days a week directly to your chosen address.

Sounds brilliant, tell us more! We hear you say… 

We designed our shop in a way that makes sure you’ll always be stocked up on all of your everyday essentials. Simply follow our three simple steps…

Step 1: choose your box

Fresh Bread Box: If you would like fresh bread and rolls, the Fresh Bread Box is perfect for you.

Baker Box
: Includes long live bread rolls and flour mixes, great if you find you need a longer life on your breads and flour mixes for whipping up all sorts of creations in the kitchen.

You may be thinking…“But I want a bit of everything” No problem! We created a Mixed Box for this exact reason

Mixed Box: Packed full of a little bit of everything including cereals, long life bread loaves and rolls, crispbread and pasta

Pantry Box
: If you’d like the idea of the Mixed box but don’t need flour, the Pantry Box, is the one for you.

Our Baker Box, Mixed Box and Pantry Box are all available in small, medium or large

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Step 2: fill your box

Now you’ve chosen which box or boxes will work the best for you, it’s time to choose what you want to include! You can choose from:

➡️ 10 long life bread loaves and rolls

➡️ 4 fresh bread loaves and rolls

➡️ 2 flour mixes

➡️ Pizza Bases

➡️ 6 pastas

➡️ 5 cereals

➡️ Oats & Crispbreads

Step three: subscribe (If you would like to)

We have set up the subscription service to make sure that you receive a regular delivery of your every day essentials, to arrive as often as you need them. You can pause your subscription at any time.

Subscription box costs

Visit our shop to start filling your kitchen with our every day essential gluten free foods

If you have any questions or would like any further information call: 0800 783 1992 or email

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