My Happy Place

A ‘Happy Place’ can be that amazing coffee shop that feels like a big hug when you walk through the door or simply that sunny spot in your garden to plonk yourself down to enjoy your favourite tipple, or lovely cuppa!

Restaurant Review

Let me share one of my ‘Happy Places’ with you… Bents Garden & Home in Warrington is just down the road from me. I often pop in and find myself a nice quiet corner to enjoy a coffee. Bents is family owned and it has expanded beyond recognition over the years. However, upon each expansion it has retained the values which make it so special. Hours can be blissfully lost here amongst all its nooks and crannies!

The most recent expansion to Bents brought with it a Tapas bar – its great! I’ve eaten there on several occasions and there are loads of gluten free options, which are clearly marked on the menu with a crossed grain symbol.

My latest visit to the Tapas bar for lunch with a friend (who is also coeliac) did not let me down.

A quick natter with the lovely chef, filled me with confidence that all would be well with our meals. In fact, he even brought the food over and explained that he was unable to add some of the usual garnishes to each dish, as some of them contained gluten, he knew his stuff!

We were spoilt for choice, so opted for 3 dishes each. I chose Patatas Bravas – roasted baby new potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce; Tortilla Chorizo – Spanish omelette with chorizo and red pepper; Tortilla de Patatas – traditional potato omelette flavoured with thyme.

All the dishes were really tasty and perfect portions, leaving just enough room for a delicious Crème Catalanya for pudding; delicious soft set custard gently infused with orange! We rounded off a fabulous lunch with a cup of coffee!

Bents you shone in your full glory and it was lovely to show you off….thank you!!

If you’d like to make some gluten free tapas at home there are a few tasty recipes on the Juvela site, try make Serano Ham & Vine Tomato Tapas or Potato & Iberico Ham Croquettes!

So, there you have it just one of my ‘Happy Places’. I know you will have yours too, feel free to share them below and pass the word on! I have discovered some amazing gluten free places to eat, thanks to tips from friends and family, I will continue to share them with you!

Until next time…

Liz x

*Always run through your dietary needs with a member of staff. Follow your gut instinct and if any doubt leave it out!