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My Daily bread (Part 2 – Lunch)

01.11.2018 | by Liz Rimmer

So, following on from my daily bread breakfast blog, here’s my favourite lunchtime delights that I want to share with you…

M&S have come up trumps again with another tasty gf product. Delicious gluten free breaded chicken breast is tremendous popped on a lightly toasted Juvela fresh white roll or a couple of slices from a loaf, with a handful of baby spinach, a good helping of *Hellman’s mayonnaise and a drop of *sweet chilli sauce. You have to try this, it’s gorgeous!!

Or how about a good old fish finger butty with *tartare sauce. This is my ‘go to’ quick lunch (or supper actually) if I have been out and about but need something substantial. As we don’t have a microwave, I toast the rolls to refresh them - this works perfectly (or you can also use the fresh rolls). There are some great gluten free fish fingers around, but my absolute favourites right now are the M&S ones…. they are so chunky and amazingly tasty (every time I re-read this I want to eat one!!).

P.S. Just while I think on, I wanted to share a quick recipe with you for Tuna melt that my friend makes (her hungry husband loves it!) - I have not yet tested it out but I know it will be good:

Drain a can of tuna, add a couple of spoonfuls of *mayonnaise, 4 chopped spring onions and mix well. Toast either bread or rolls on both sides. Spread with the tuna mixture and a little sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese. Pop under the grill until the cheese starts bubbling!! Perfect lunch to enjoy with friends!

*As ingredients can change - just double check no gluten containing ingredient or ‘may contain’ warnings on the pack. If in doubt leave it out.

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