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My Daily bread (Part 1 – Breakfast)

18.10.2018 | by Liz Rimmer

For years I have been a huge fan of Juvela loaves and rolls; the white rolls being a particular favourite of mine, and I enjoy them in all sorts of ways.

(I also think it’s just marvellous that Juvela gluten free fresh bread is available in selected Tesco stores, making it much easier for people to pick up a loaf whilst they are out and about!)

I’m well known for having eclectic tastes when it comes down to food (and other things!) and it crossed my mind that my gluten free fillings may not have been something you may have considered, so let me get on and share a handful with you….

Let’s get started with the most important meal of the day…breakfast!

Jam on a buttered toasted roll. Ok, I know, no prizes to me for originality for this topping. But to me, it’s all in the jam you use. I’m a massive fan of Bonne Maman jam range. Especially the apricot one - it somehow makes a special occasion out of a simple jam butty - perfect to enjoy with a fresh coffee and few moments in the garden, at the start of the day!!

Sausage butties are amazing aren’t they (and of course a bacon and egg butty too) - especially with a good helping of *Heinz tomato sauce. It makes me so happy that there are so many gluten free options of sausages to pick from now - 15 years ago, when I was first diagnosed as coeliac, they were like gold dust!! Personally, my favourites are still from my local butchers (K&S Platt Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire). I pop in every couple of weeks to pick up a batch they have specially prepared for me.  But not to worry if you are not able to get gluten free sausages from your butchers, as most supermarkets offer a wide variety of excellent ones and to make life easier the safe ones are marked up gluten free. 

Most of the supermarkets are great for this now and lots of their premium sausages have the little Crossed Grain sticker indicating gf.

Happy days!!

Liz x

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