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Our gluten free shop celebration!

23.03.2023 | by Juvela

Thank you so much for your support of our gluten free shop. Today we're celebrating our 25,000th order!

We've contacted our winner, Stella from Raunds and her Air Fryer is on the way!

In further celebration we are randomly selecting 25 of our shop customers to receive a lucky dip prize! Will it be you?

Lucky dip winners 

Nikki Dodds
Gill Guest
Karen Rawson
Susan Pitt
Kelly Richardson
Jean Bidder
Amanda Butler
Stephen Watts
Claire Daly
Vera Stanford
Michael Davies
Paul Kennedy
Vikki Walker
Sandra Worden
Len Farrow
Anne Allen
Anne Moses
Hazel Oliver
Gillie Ticehurst
Noreen Lee
Yvonne Byrne
Jim Fernley
Nick Danks
Rosa Llewellin
Sue Tilke

To claim your lucky dip prize email or call Barry & Heather from our Customer Support Team 0800 783 1992.

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