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Lockdown Baking Ideas for Children

16.04.2020 | by Juvela

Need a way to keep little hands occupied? Here are some fun suggestions based around gluten free baking to keep children entertained during this time.

  • Make “home economics” a weekly lesson
    If your child is old enough for home schooling, give cooking lessons a go by scrolling through our recipe section and picking a new gluten free treat to make each week.
    Need some quick inspiration? Here’s a selection of our favourite gluten free kids recipes using our award-winning gluten free products:
  • Get creative with baking
    Many people are making their own gluten free bread and pasta from scratch. Why not make a cookery lesson more exciting for children by making the dough into animal shapes? 
  • Make an indoor picnic
    An indoor picnic is a fun activity whether you have a garden or not! Lay a blanket down in the living room and serve up a selection of your favourite picnic snacks. Think savoury bites like scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pizza twists alongside classic sweet treats such as a basic sponge cake. Feel free to invite any resident teddy bears!
  • Make a Great British Lockdown Bakeoff
    Try challenging your little ones to learn a recipe each week as part of your own Bake Off. Our recipe for gluten free pancakes are easy and fun for kids to make and master.
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