Lockdown Baking Ideas for Children

Need a way to keep little hands occupied? Here are some fun suggestions based around gluten free baking to keep children entertained during this time.

  1. Make “home economics” a weekly lesson
    If your child is old enough for home schooling, give cooking lessons a go by scrolling through our recipe section and picking a new gluten free treat to make each week.
    Need some quick inspiration? Here’s a selection of our favourite gluten free kids recipes using our award-winning gluten free products:
    Chicken goujons with ketchup
    Chicken goujons
    Mini pasties
    Mini pasties
    Gluten free mini pizzas
    Mini Pizzas
    Garlic doughballs
    Garlic doughballs
    Mini quiches
    Quiche toast cups
    Blueberry pancakes
    Blueberry pancakes
    Gluten free Banana & Peanut Butter Muffins
    Banana muffins
    Fruity Sultana Cookies
    Fruity cookies
    Mini Doughnut bites
    Mini doughnuts

  2. Get creative with baking
    Many people are making their own gluten free bread and pasta from scratch. Why not make a cookery lesson more exciting for children by making the dough into animal shapes? 

  3. Make an indoor picnic
    An indoor picnic is a fun activity whether you have a garden or not! Lay a blanket down in the living room and serve up a selection of your favourite picnic snacks. Think savoury bites like scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pizza twists alongside classic sweet treats such as a basic sponge cake. Feel free to invite any resident teddy bears!

  4. Make a Great British Lockdown Bakeoff
    Try challenging your little ones to learn a recipe each week as part of your own Bake Off. Our recipe for gluten free pancakes are easy and fun for kids to make and master.