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Is Ice Cream Gluten Free?

21.07.2021 | by Juvela

The weather is heating up, so you need to cool down. Before you head to the freezer, make sure you check which ice cream, ice lollies, and sorbets are suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Sources of gluten in ice cream

Milk and cream are the basic ingredients of ice cream and are naturally gluten free. However, the flavour of the ice cream and the environment it is made in can make it unsuitable for coeliacs.

Sources of gluten in ice cream can include thickeners, colourings and flavourings such as barley malt syrup.

What about the extras? Ice cream cones are generally not gluten free and some sprinkles, chocolate and sweet sauces/syrups can contain gluten.

It’s important to always check the label for gluten-containing ingredients and “may contain” warnings which means that there is a risk of cross contamination during the manufacturing process. If the label lists gluten, wheat, Khorasan wheat (kamut), spelt, oats, barley and rye, then it isn’t suitable for people with coeliac disease. 

Gluten free ice cream

Generally, plain single flavour ice cream flavours such as strawberry, vanilla or chocolate are more likely to be gluten free. If the ice cream contains baked products, such as cookie dough or brownies, then it is more likely to contain gluten.  Always check the label to be safe!

Some ice creams brands offer a certified gluten free range which is the safest option for coeliacs. 

Ordering ice cream out

If you want to pop by an ice cream van or a gelato shop, you need to consider the risks of cross contamination. Make sure you ask which ice creams are gluten free and that the server has an awareness of cross contamination as separate scoops and utensils are needed for the gluten free ice cream, cones and sprinkles.  

We hope these tips help you cool down this summer! Visit our Living Gluten Free section for more tips on cross contamination and advice on coping with coeliac disease from diagnosed coeliacs.

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