Sneaky Sources of Gluten To Watch Out For This Halloween

We can all agree that being glutened is pretty scary. Avoid a fright this Halloween by making sure your treats are all gluten free!

We’ve made a handy list of common Halloween treats that may contain gluten and some trusted gluten free options, so this year will be all treats and no tricks! We also have some spooky gluten free recipe suggestions for you to make at home. 

Food Colouring

Part of the fun of Halloween is the themed gluten free bakes! But before you go crazy with the food colouring, make sure you check the label as food colouring can occasionally contain gluten.

The Dr Oetker range of Extra Strong Food Colouring Gels are gluten free, but always check the label in case of any ingredient updates.

To check that a food product is gluten free, scan the ingredients for any allergens which will be highlighted within the ingredients list (usually in bold), making it easy for you to see at a glance whether something is suitable. You might also notice a ‘may contain’ statement on pack, which means there is a risk the product could be contaminated with gluten. If the packaging mentions gluten, wheat, Khorasan wheat (kamut), spelt, oats and rye, then it isn’t suitable for people with coeliac disease.


Store-Bought Cake Decorations

Sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, fondant icing and cake toppers can sometimes contain gluten, so if you’re buying from a supermarket always check the label to be safe. Many baking websites have a gluten free section for sprinkles and cake decorations too.


Chocolate and Sweets

Trick or treating for chocolate and sweets is a childhood rite of passage. That doesn’t change if your child has coeliac disease, as there are some great gluten free chocolate options! If you or your child has coeliac disease, check the labels for a ‘may contain’ warning.

Some popular chocolates that contain gluten and to AVOID:
Crispy M&M’s
Ferrero Rocher
Kit Kats (though Kit Kat Bunnies are gluten free)
Mars Bars
Milky Way

Gluten free chocolate:
Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons
Cadbury Heroes (excluding Dinky Dunkers, which may contain wheat. All other Cadbury Heroes are suitable for coeliacs.)
Cadbury Goo Heads Crème Eggs
Galaxy bars
Kinder Surprise Eggs
Kinder Mini Eggs
Kinder Schoko- Bons
Milkybar Giant White Chocolate buttons
Milkybar Buttons Original
M&M’s Chocolate
M&M’s Peanut
Milky Way Magic Stars
Quality Street

Some Haribo products such as Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Sour Strawbs, Starmix and Tangfastics are suitable for people with coeliac disease too!

A variety of Swizzles products such as Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Drumstick Squashies and Mummy Mix Bags are gluten free.

You can read an extensive list of gluten free Halloween sweets by Coeliac UK here.



You might be surprised to find out that some crisps contain gluten. Although potatoes are naturally gluten free, some crisps are coated with seasonings using wheat flour or barley malt extract which make them unsuitable for coeliacs. Thankfully, there are many brands of crisps outside of the Free From aisle that are 'accidentally gluten free' and safe for coeliacs. 

Some gluten free crisps include:
Kettle Chips (all flavours are certified gluten free and produced in a gluten free environment)
Pom Bears
Tesco Tortilla Chips
Walkers Bugles

As always, check the label if you're unsure. 


Gluten Free Halloween Recipes 

Try making these frighteningly good gluten free treats as snacks for a spooky film night or a gluten free Halloween party buffet!


Pumpkin Pancakes
Scotch pancakes on a purple background with pumpkins arranged around them. The pumpkins have faces made with chocolate chips.
These adorable pumpkin pancakes are great for a Halloween-themed breakfast or brunch! Made with canned pumpkin puree or cooked pumpkin, you can make these pancakes even more seasonal by decorating with chocolate chips to make Jack-o-Lantern faces or dusting cocoa powder around stencils. 

Make the pancakes!


Witches' Fingers
Gluten free biscuits baked into the shapes of fingers with almond nails on a black board. Several pumpkin lanterns glow in the background.

Don't be fooled, these gnarly witches' fingers are actually crunchy sweet biscuits with almond nails! These terrifyingly tasty biscuits are really easy to make, so they're a great option for baking with children.
Bake fiendish fingers


Monster Burgers
Burgers with scary monster faces made from olive eyes  and cheese fangs on top of a gluten free bread roll
These monster burgers are a quick and easy dinner - perfect for little Frankensteins! Just top a Juvela Gluten Free Roll with olive eyes and cut some fangs into a slice of cheese to make these ghoulish burgers. 
View the recipe here!


Spiced Squash Scones
Pumpkin scones on a wooden rustic board
Once you've carved your pumpkin for Halloween, make use of the leftovers! Swap out the butternut squash in this recipe with pumpkin to make these delicious seasonal scones.
Take a look at the recipe.