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Gluten free gravy update

06.08.2018 | by Liz Rimmer

Hi, just a very quick little gluten free gravy update!

Anyone I  speak to regularly will probably have learnt I was a huge fan of Bisto best (I’ve used it for years). In fact, I went on about it so much, I earned the name ‘Bisto Betty’!

As with any gluten free recommendation, I try to keep my eye on the product - making regular checks to ensure still Ok for me to shout about it! Unfortunately, the last time I checked out the suitability of Bisto best, the information given to me could not completely guarantee it enough for me to continue using it or recommending it to you. I’ve popped a little snippet from the information I received below.

“Bisto Best is made on equipment that is also used for other products that do include wheat flour as an ingredient. There are controls in place to reduce the risk of cross contamination, including cleaning and other controls but the manufacturer cannot remove the risk of gluten contamination completely”.

But not to worry, as the great news is there are some really good dedicated gluten free gravies available to keep you super safe! You may have already discovered your favourite one - mine is the knorr classic gluten free gravy (I picked it up at Tesco Extra). I like the neutral flavour and texture of this one, and when added to meat stock and vegetable water it makes a very tasty gravy. I also add it to things like braised steak and mince beef when making cottage pie. For me it’s a perfect store cupboard essential.

You may of course make your gravy from scratch (and not require a gravy mix) which is wonderful. I so wish I could get it right, but the flavour never seems to hit the mark when I do it! My sister in law makes the best gravy ever. But as my family now live in Australia I don’t get to sample her gorgeous roast dinner with terrific gravy quite so often!

If I can ever master the art of a great gravy from scratch, you will be the first to know...promise!

In the meantime, if you have any hints or tips to help in perfecting the perfect gluten free gravy, or anything else for that matter, you give me a shout!

Bye for now

Liz x

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