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Gluten Free Christmas Gift Ideas

14.11.2019 | by Juvela

We've created a list of fabulous gifts that friends or family members with coeliac disease may need after their diagnosis.

Gluten Free Hamper
Whether you make one yourself or order from the internet, your friend or family member will love having a stock of gluten free treats to dip into throughout the year! 


Bread Maker

Who doesn’t love freshly baked bread? The ultimate time saver, bread makers are a convenient way to ensure there’s always fresh gluten free bread ready.
Our Gluten Free Mixes work like a dream in bread makers and there’s no need to alter recipes.
Check out our Automatic Bread Maker Recipe.


Eco-friendly Food Wraps
More people are ditching the plastic and using beeswax or soywax food wraps. Not only are they better for the environment, they’re perfect for gluten free sandwiches. Pick a bright colour so there's no chance of them being used to wrap gluten-containing food. 


Hot Water Bottle
A reliable old friend during any gluten-related incidents, hot water bottles are a cosy and comforting gift.



Make the kitchen a gluten free zone! There’ll be no gluten crumbs lurking this toaster. 


Electric Mixer
People with coeliac disease will appreciate having their own shiny new kitchen equipment just for their gluten free ingredients.


Bread Bags

Keep loaves fresh and separate in these adorable bread bags by Helen Round.


Meal Planner
Living gluten free requires a bit of pre-planning, so help make things easier by getting them a meal planner!


Butter Dish

Having a separate butter dish prevents cross contamination. We approve of this cute porcelain dish with its very own knife.


Storage Tins
Perfect for storing gluten free cakes and bakes. 


Recipe Book
If your friend or family member has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, they will probably feel like they need to learn to cook again. Buy them a cook book so they have plenty of gluten free recipes to try out! 


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