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Eating Gluten Free at Parties

11.12.2019 | by Juvela

Read our easy tips for avoiding cross contamination at parties and social events to stay gluten free throughout the festive season.

Firstly, what is cross contamination?

Oh, crumbs! For some people with coeliac disease, even a tiny amount of gluten can make them feel unwell.
Cross contamination simply means gluten free food that has been touched by any amount of gluten-containing food in the preparation, cooking or serving process. Many people refer to being accidentally served cross contaminated food as being “glutened”.  
A separate preparation area and utensils are essential for people with coeliac disease to avoid cross contamination!

Tips for eating gluten free at parties

  • Educate Your Host
    Many people may understand that they need to use gluten free ingredients to cook for someone with coeliac disease, but they might be unaware of what cross contamination is and how to avoid it.
    Why not send the party host the Living Gluten Free section of our website to educate them?
  • Make Your Own Party Food

If in doubt, bring your own snacks. The festive season is all about eating, drinking and being merry, not being glutened.
Check out our selection of gluten free party food recipes, made with our award-winning range of gluten free products. Use them to rustle up something so delicious that friends and family will be jealous! 

  • Serve Yourself First
    If there’s a buffet-style situation, ask to serve your gluten free food first. If you’re first in line, there’s less chance of someone accidentally spilling crumbs onto your food or mixing up cutlery that’s touched food containing gluten.
  • Separate Dips

Make sure that there’s a separate pot of guacamole, hummus or salsa just for your gluten free crisps! The upside of this is that you have more to yourself and that you’ll avoid cross contamination from other people’s crisps that contain wheat. 

  • Your Own Plates and Utensils
    Gluten free food needs to be served on a separate plate to other food to avoid cross contamination. Ask your host to make sure that you have your own plate and cutlery that is kept separate.
  • Gluten Free Drinks
    Beer, lager and stout contain gluten and should be avoided. However, there are plenty of gluten free options available! Brands that provide a gluten free beer option include Peroni, Estrella and BrewDog.
    Spirits, wine, sherry, port and liqueur are all safe for people with coeliac disease.   

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