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How to Cope with Coeliac Disease and Stay Positive

03.01.2020 | by Juvela

After 25 years of making award-winning gluten free food, we know that coping with coeliac disease and enjoying a completely gluten free diet go hand in hand.

Our customer service team have spoken to thousands of people over the years and have found that being diagnosed with coeliac disease can have an emotional impact.

Being diagnosed with coeliac disease can be a difficult time. People often feel physically unwell after years of eating food with gluten in it, which can stop the body from absorbing nutrients properly.

You may have stopped looking forward to mealtimes after worrying about stomach pains, or maybe you have no idea what is safe to eat anymore.

People often struggle with feeling excluded at social events and might even be tempted to eat food with gluten in it to fit in.

We spoke to real people about their diagnosis with coeliac disease. They shared their stories about living with coeliac disease and how they stay positive.

We’ve rounded up some of their top tips for coping with coeliac disease and enjoying their gluten free diet - because living well with coeliac disease is possible.

Stick to a gluten free diet

Many people are shocked by how much better they feel after adopting a gluten free diet. It’s important to stick to it completely, so don’t be tempted to cheat. Think of sticking to your gluten free diet as eating well to feel well. 

Focus on what you CAN eat

It will help your mood to concentrate on what you can eat on a gluten free diet. Try to be excited about gluten free food and cooking food that you enjoy. 

Try new recipes

Have fun experimenting with new recipes, whether you make gluten free versions of your favourite foods or learn a completely new dish. Why not check out our recipe page for some inspiration? 

Use Your Gluten Free Prescription

Discover real gluten free food by adding our award-winning range of bread and mixes to your prescription. Many people find taking a gluten free prescription more cost effective and reassuring.  Made in a 100% gluten free environment, our products have no risk of cross contamination and are kept separate from gluten-containing products. Juvela products are fortified to make sure that you get all the nutrients you need, which you may have become deficient in before being diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Find out more about gluten free prescriptions here. 

Plan in advance

Making sure that you have all the ingredients you need at the start of the week will make it easier to adopt a gluten free diet. It’s also a good idea to always have a snack on hand when you’re out and about. While there has been a world of improvement in gluten free options, there may be situations where there isn’t a suitable cooking area or choice for gluten free food. 

Make your favourite meals

Did you know that our Gluten Free Mixes work just like normal flour? You can use them to make anything, including gluten free versions of your favourite treats. Being gluten free doesn’t need to mean missing out – you can enjoy a full, varied diet. 

Stay Positive

Keeping a positive mindset can help your mental health. Remember that by sticking to your gluten free diet, you are making a real commitment to your well-being. In fact, some people feel that they eat healthier after being diagnosed with coeliac disease than they did before.

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