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Gluten Free Community Week 2020

13.05.2020 | by Juvela

This Gluten Free Community Week, we wanted to celebrate how social media has helped form tight-knit online connections and offer support. We've been tagged in some great photos over the past few weeks, so we spoke to a few of you to find out how the lockdown has helped you discover the joy of baking again.


"I’d never actually baked in my life before lockdown, I’m ashamed to say! My grandparents were both cooks in the RAF and sadly both passed away in 2016. I’m sure my Grandmother would be pleased with my baking efforts!
My Mother has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease and she really likes the Juvela Mix. I started baking from your recipes on the Juvela website to help her really, as we find gluten free choice in supermarkets so limited and expensive. Juvela flour is amazing, it makes everything rise perfectly! My mother’s Yorkshire puddings are awesome now thanks to your flour!
My experience of baking during lockdown has actually been more enjoyable than I thought it would have been! I enjoy your variety & ease of recipes and they’ve been great for a total beginner like me!"

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"Being in lockdown with the limited opportunity to purchase gluten free baked items, and more free time than I'm used to as a busy teacher, gave me the perfect incentive to bake more. Using Juvela Mix and recipes on their website made this far more easier than I'd imagined. So why not start with my favourite snack, crumpets. I'd never thought they could be so easy to make."



"I've just recently moved into my first home, so with all the new kitchen space mixed with the lockdown I thought I’d try gluten free baking as it’s something I’d never done since being diagnosed with coeliac disease!"

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Since lockdown I’ve been baking at least 3 times a week. Our local village shop doesn’t stock gluten free bread and to avoid the supermarket more than once a week, I’ve been baking more often. The kids love to get involved too. Homemade pizza, bread, nan bread, rolls, muffins and cakes of course. I always have some Juvela Mixes in the cupboard for emergencies!

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