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Can You Get Glutened From Kissing?

12.02.2021 | by Juvela

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer the question on everyone’s lips – can coeliacs be glutened from kissing?

Being “glutened” means being accidentally exposed to gluten and potentially suffering a reaction such as bloating and an upset stomach. It’s not super romantic, so you’re probably keen to avoid it on Valentine’s Day!

The two things that could cause exposure to gluten from kissing are cosmetics and cross contamination from traces of gluten in the other person’s mouth.


Cross Contamination from Kissing

If you kiss someone that has recently eaten or drank something containing gluten, there is a risk of cross contamination and being glutened because of the particles in their mouth. As we all know, a crumb contains enough traces of gluten to cause a reaction in some coeliacs.

There isn’t a wealth of information about kissing and gluten exposure, however it’s probably best not to kiss immediately after someone has eaten or drank something containing gluten.

Think of it this way – if someone eats a piece of toast, they’re likely to have crumbs around their lips and residue in their mouth for a while. To be safe, don’t kiss someone immediately after they’ve polished off a meal or beverage containing gluten.

Anyone that understands your condition will be more than happy to wait a little after a meal, drink some plain water or brush their teeth before giving you a kiss!



According to Coeliac UK it is unlikely that you could swallow enough lip balm or lipstick to trigger a reaction as they only contain trace amounts of gluten.

However, if you’re worried about gluten in cosmetics, check whether lip balms and lipsticks have ingredients containing gluten in them such as wheat germ oil and barley.


Love life, gluten free

Some coeliacs are more sensitive than others and may have a reaction to something that others don’t, but ultimately all people with coeliac disease need to be careful about exposure to gluten.

We hope this blog puts your mind at ease for Valentine’s Day! Don’t let gluten get in the way of enjoying yourself.

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