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Back to School - Packed Lunch Ideas

01.09.2020 | by Juvela

There are lots of healthy, nutritious, affordable and tasty foods that are naturally gluten free. Plus lots of specially produced gluten free foods can be found in the free from aisles of most supermarkets. We’ve put together a few suggestions to keep gluten free tummies full and happy!

Gluten Free Sandwiches
Whether you make your own gluten free bread, buy it from the Free From aisle or obtain it on prescription, there are lots of sandwich fillings that are naturally gluten free. Some easy ingredients that can be used in your child’s sandwich fillings are ham, tuna, cheese, chicken and eggs.

•Juvela gluten free fresh loaves and rolls are available on prescription. With a deliciously soft, melt in the mouth texture, our bread is considered the closest gluten free alternative to “normal bread”. It’s real bread, just without the gluten!

Access and availability to gluten-free foods on prescription may vary depending on where you live. You can find out more here.



Cream cheese, houmous or peanut butter are perfect for dipping carrot sticks, apples slices, rice cakes and gluten free breadsticks or crackers in. Most supermarkets have a selection of gluten free crackers, bread sticks and rice cakes in the Free From aisle.

•Sweet treats
 All fruits are naturally gluten free, as are most dried fruits such as raisins and apricots. If you child is not a big fruit eater, many yogurt pots are naturally gluten free. They’ll be pleased to find out that Nutella is gluten free and is on the cards as an occasional treat!

•Savoury snacks
Many branded and supermarket own label crisps are gluten free. In the Free From aisle you will also find flavoured savoury crackers and rice cakes.


Gluten Free Lunchbox Recipes 

And here's a few of our favourite recipes for lunchbox fillers to help keep little tummies full during the school day…

Sausage Rolls 
As an alternative from sandwiches, make these simple sausage rolls using the Juvela White Mix. They’re great for freezing, so you can make a batch and keep some in reserve for when you’re stretched for time. Maybe add a little pot of ketchup in the lunchbox for dunking!

Scotch Eggs 
A perfect portable snack! Surprisingly simple to make, these taste so much better than the bought versions! If you’re running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained before they start the new school year, they can help with making these tasty little snacks.

Mini Doughnut Bites 
Add a little treat to their lunch box by popping in a couple of these amazing mini doughnut bites! Perfect little bitesize mouthfuls of yumminess to keep your little one happy.

Whip up a quick batch of muffins so you can add a sweet treat to a lunchbox and hope your little monkey eats the sandwiches and fruit first!


Reading labels

The labelling of allergens in packaged foods has much improved and it is now much easier to see at a glance if a food product is suitable for your child’s dietary needs. When shopping for suitable foods for your child’s lunch box, always check the ingredients list.

Pre-packed food must have an ingredients list. Allergens must be emphasised in some way every time they appear in the ingredients list. For example, they could be listed in bold, contrasting colours or underlined as shown on the example below.


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