A Gluten Free Guide to Easter

We've covered everything you need for a gluten free Easter, from sweet treats and to all of the trimmings for a roast.

It goes without saying that this Easter will be different from any other due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But while it may be different, it can still be special. 

It's been wonderful to see how people have been finding comfort in their kitchens by trying new recipes during this time. Easter is the perfect opportunity to get baking, so we've worked on a range of gluten free recipes for you to enjoy making at home. Why not pick a few to make and organise a video call with the family to celebrate Easter together in a new way?

Sweet Treats

Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns

Use the Juvela Gluten Free White Mix to make your own spiced buns. They're too good to share!


Easter Egg Cake
Easter egg cake on a white marble

This showstopper makes a really pretty Easter bake and is very simple to make. You don’t have to buy a bundt tin – simply cut out a shallow circle in the middle of the cake for the eggs to sit in!


Really Rich Chocolatey Muffins
Chocolate Muffins

Is it even Easter if you don't indulge in a bit (or a lot) of chocolate? These muffins are the perfect indulgent treat.


Easter Cupcakes
Easter cupcakes

Easy to make, just top cute little cupcakes with Mini Eggs and icing.


Easter Chick Biscuits

How adorable are these little chick biscuits? This is a fun and easy gluten free recipe to make with children over the Easter holidays.


Good Friday

Cajun Salmon Wraps
Cajun Salmon Wraps

Traditionally, Good Friday is celebrated with a fish dish. Try our cajun salmon wraps for a healthy meal with a bit of heat.


Salmon & Pea Fishcakes
Salmon and pea fishcakes

Whether you fry these fishcakes to a golden crisp or bake them in the oven, they'll make a delicious Good Friday meal.


Fish Batter
Fish and chips stacked on a white plate

Sometimes, nothing beats a plate fish and chips. Follow our simple recipe for a gluten free batter to make your own version of this British classic.

Easter Roast


Follow our straightforward recipe for the perfect gluten free gravy.


Yorkshire Puddings
Yorkshire puddings

Crispy Yorkshire puds add a finishing touch to a roast!


Sage & Onion Stuffing

Whizz up a Juvela loaf into breadcrumbs to make your own stuffing.

White Sauce

This staple sauce takes just a few ingredients and can be used in many different recipes.


Easter Eggs

Easter egg

Not sure which Easter eggs are safe for people with coeliac disease? Download this handy PDF by Coeliac UK, outlining all of the gluten free Easter eggs available in supermarkets.

We hope this guide helps you enjoy a gluten free Easter at home! Take care everyone.
The Juvela Team