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5 Easy Autumn Gluten Free Recipes

| by Juvela

As the days get colder, try these warming meals and autumnal sweet treats to brighten up your day.

Spiced Butternut Squash Scones

These American-style scones are gently spiced and taste delicious with a cream cheese frosting. 

French Onion Soup

This hearty and comforting soup is topped with a deliciously crunchy and cheesy crouton made from a Juvela Part Baked Roll. A perfect winter warmer! 

Sticky Ginger Cake

Already looking forward to Bonfire Night? Try this satisfying sticky ginger cake.  

Feta & Butternut Squash Tart

This colourful tart is bursting with flavour - tangy feta, sweet squash and crunchy pine nuts, along with a tasty chutney base! 

Apple Crumble

Easy and delicious, a sure family favourite during those colder evenings. 

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