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4 Gluten Free Recipes To Try This Pizza Night

| by Juvela

Try these delicious toppings on your Juvela Gluten Free Pizza Bases this pizza night. Who needs Dominoes when it’s this easy to make gluten free pizza at home?

The Juvela Gluten Free Pizza Bases are ready-made pizza bases that can be used for a tasty meal in minutes. Just top, bake and enjoy! They are available on prescription to people diagnosed with coeliac disease, and they're now available to purchase in the Juvela Gluten Free Boxes

Gluten Free Pizza Recipe Ideas

Bored of margheritas? Try these recipes to shake up your next pizza night.

Pizza Fiorentina

Also known as Florentine Pizza, this rustic Italian recipe tops a pizza base with an egg. Simple but delicious!

Click here for the recipe 

Tuna and Caper Pizza

This quick and easy recipe is great for a midweek meal. Tuna, capers and basil are a flavour combination made in heaven.

Read the recipe here 

S’mores Dessert Pizza

Why not try a sweet pizza for dessert? Top your pizza base with chocolate and marshmallow to make a gluten free twist on s’mores. Traditionally made on camping trips, this s’mores pizza would be perfect for kids sleepover.

Give the recipe a try! 

Pear, Honey & Walnut Dessert Pizza

This recipe is a sophisticated sweet treat that can be used in place of a cheeseboard – just add a bit of blue cheese for a blend of sweet and savoury.  

Click here for the recipe

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