Five ways to enjoy Juvela bread

We have listened to our customer’s valuable feedback and this month we were happy to announce the very exciting news that our fresh bread and fresh rolls are now available to buy in selected Tesco stores!!

In this blog I would like to talk about the Juvela gluten free fresh loaves. They are sliced loaves which have a delicious melt-in-the-mouth taste and texture which is very similar to traditional bread. The bread is perfect for sandwiches, dunking into soup or even just on its own! I thought I would share some ideas with you to show you just how versatile the bread is!
This is the most important meal of the day. I often enjoy Juvela gluten free fresh bread toasted with Ginger Jam spread on it which is gorgeous! At the weekend I treat myself to either a bacon or sausage butty with lots of tomato ketchup! Or a really quick easy breakfast is beans on toast with some grated cheese on top!

Toast and ginger jam

Now the colder days are creeping upon us I have swapped my salads for soup which is perfect to warm me up! You can make your own soup or if you want a quick lunch to just grab and take to work you can buy a tin from the supermarket. There are plenty of gluten free soups and you can find out which brands are suitable in the Coeliac UK food and drink directory if you are a member of Coeliac UK. Soup is just not the same without some lovely croutons thrown in or some bread or toast to dunk in so our fresh bread and rolls are a great accompaniment. Sandwiches are a great easy choice for a packed lunch and you can add whatever filling takes your fancy. If you are making some for your child you can get creative and cut the bread in to different shapes!

Soup nad gluten free bread

Sweet treats
If you have a sweet tooth – this is a real treat! I spread a generous helping of Nutella on to my bread when it was toasted. I then added strawberries on top of one piece for a nice fruity taste and I added orange segments on the second piece for the classic combination of chocolate orange! Another tasty option is peanut butter and banana.

Nutella on gluten free toast

Savoury snack

For all you savoury lovers out there, I covered fresh white bread with pesto, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes which I toasted under the grill. It made a perfect-morning snack and the melted mozzarella on the toasted bread tasted so good! Another favourite savoury idea is cheese with caramelised onion or coleslaw.

mozerella on toast

Healthy option
I love cucumber sandwiches! (cucumber is 90% water). Cucumber sandwiches were served to royal guests at Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 and they are often included in Afternoon Teas in restaurants. A really good source of protein is a boiled egg with some spinach which I put on top of my fresh Juvela bread. This keeps me full all afternoon.Protein Gluten free snackWe would love to see your creations using our fresh bread and rolls, you can share them on our Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram.

7 Responses to “Five ways to enjoy Juvela bread”

  1. Sandra Bell

    This bread is amazing when dipped in egg and fried or fried and used as croutons. It is the only white gluten free bread that doesn’t taste like sawdust

  2. Juvela Admin

    Thank you for this feedback Sandra, those are good ideas you have suggested! Kind Regards, The Juvela Team


    Juvela was my favorite GF Bread when i had it on prescription. but now my NHS partnership has stopped my free Juvela. i was very pleased to get youe email saying that it is now on sale at tescos (my local one is in Taunton.) However when i went to the Free From Shelf it had all been sold (at 01030) will Tesco’s be getting a lot more in ? as it is very popular!

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi John, Really sorry that you were unable to get any fresh bread at your local Tesco on this occasion. We will be making daily deliveries to stores and the stock level will be increased however but it may take a little time for our stock levels to be consistent. Thanks for taking the time to notify us of this particular store that’s you visited we will follow it up. Kind regards, The Juvela Team.

    • I can't get your sliced bread on my weekly tesco delivery although it is a listed store (Leighton Buzzaard). Since September I have only managaed to obtain ONE loaf from them. Please, whatever shall I do

      I can’t get Juvela fresh bread at Tesco, even when I order on line. I was told my Tesco in Leighton Buzzard only orders ONE loaf. I am getting desperate now, as the GF ‘bread’ available in supermarkets is totally inferior, to the point of inedible. Please, Juvela, help us

  4. Kim

    I’ve just been introduced to your bread by my sister in law after trying so many that just didn’t taste right this one is great. Now on my weekly shopping list.

  5. Juvela Admin

    Hello Kim, thank you very much for this feedback about our bread, I am pleased to hear that you enjoy it and that it is now on your weekly shopping list. Kind Regards, Jenny


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