Fish Fingers for Tea!

February 22, 2013 by LizGF | Edit

Although I do love traditional home cooked teas, every now and again I appreciate the quickness (and sometimes the taste!) of certain convenience foods!

I was quite short of time last night so I decided to pop together a quick tea. Seeing as it is also National Chip Week, I decided to try Tesco free from fish fingers, McCain crinkle oven chips, and Bachelors mushy peas.

gluten-free fish fingers and chips

gluten-free fish fingers and chips

The result was really yummy and the only complaint was I could have eaten lots more fish fingers.  I even made a deal with my husband that I would make sponge and custard*  if he let me have the last piece of his fish finger… fabulous!

liz with fish and chips

There are other things in the McCain range that are gluten free, you can visit their website  to check their products out – they are brilliant for listing their ingredients to give you an informed choice.

*The custard powder I used was Birds.

If you would like to make your own, there is a recipe for fish fingers on the Juvela website, which uses Juvela Mix and breadcrumbs made from Juvela bread to coat the fish.

There is also a recipe for homemade fish and chips which is worth trying as the batter is so crispy and delicious!

Have any of you made fish fingers or tried any other gluten-free ones? Feel free to share your suggestions too :-)

3 Responses to “Fish Fingers for Tea!”

  1. Austin Nolan

    Try M&S gluten free salmon fishcakes and gluten free breaded fish with McCains chips its like old times before I was diagnosed with coeliacs.

  2. Cheryl Munroe

    I received a sample of your gluten free goods .. the cereal , biscuits and bread were excellent but I couldn’t use your pasta as it has soya flour in it and I am soya intolerant as well as wheat intolerant. However, I made the bread from the box of flour and yeast provided and it was superb … the best I have tasted and it also doesn’t have all the additives that the bought bread has. It is also the first time that I have successfully made bread which was very exciting. I shall definitely be using a lot of your products again:)

  3. hrae87

    We buy the ‘Youngs’ gluten/dairy free fish fingers, we’ve also bought ‘Hale & Hearty’ fish fillets. I always make my own chips as we love them super chunky! I must admit that I prefer making the products myself but for that quick meal it’s lovely to be able to make my little person fish fingers and chips like their big sister!


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