My favourite gluten-free recipes

Juvela Gluten Free Mix is one of my favourite gluten free products, I use it all the time and simply love its versatily. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and it is brilliant that I can make gluten-free versions of all my favourite things and get great results!

Although I do use the Juvela Mix in lots of established recipes, I have the tendency to go ‘off the beaten track’ in my desire to use up leftovers ! The other day I had my eye on a couple of apples that had been lying in the fruit bowl for a while, which needed using.  So I peeled and thinly sliced them, then popped them into an ovenproof dish along with the remaining brandy butter that had been left over from Christmas.  I then made up the Basic Sponge Cake recipe and spooned about 3 tablespoons of the cake mixture over the apples and sprinkled with caster sugar, popped in the oven and baked for about 25-30mins at 160̊C fan oven (Temp equivalent 180̊C/375̊F/Gas Mark 5).  I have to say, the result was a very good Apple Sponge Pudding that I later enjoyed with custard.  I tend to use the Birds original custard, but there is quite a range of custard powders and ready-made ones available that are also gluten free.  Just make sure you check on the ingredients or look for a suitable brand in the Coeliac UK Food & Drink Directory.

Liz with custard sml

In my attempt to be efficient and stock up on provisions, I then used the leftover cake mixture to make 12 fairy cakes.  The beauty about theses little sponge cakes is they can be taken from the freezer, defrosted in no time and used in so many ways:

– Simply iced and topped with a cherry, chocolate buttons* etc.

– Dipped in melted dark chocolate and with a sprinkle of coconut

– Filled with fresh cream and jam, light dusting of icing sugar. Delicious cream cake!!

– For a quick hot pudding with jam, syrup, banana and toffee sauce. (I have spotted a great range of dessert toppings in M&S and most of them are gluten free…please check!)

Again, I could go on and on, but what I really want to say is experiment in every way and by doing this (as I do) you will amaze yourself with the results and the delicious treats you can enjoy!!!

Liz cupcakes cropped image

I have compiled my top 10 recipe favourites using the Juvela Gluten Free Mix.  These recipes have all been tried and tested and thoroughly enjoyed by me many times!!

Fruit scones (I do pop a teaspoon of Xanthan gum in to this recipe as I think it holds the “crumb” together really well)

Lemon Drizzle cake (Anyone who has ever attended a Juvela Roadshow will have tasted this – so yummy!)

Really Chocolatey muffins. It would be criminal not to ever taste these… amazing!  The recipe can also be used as a tray bake or split between two  8” sandwich tins baked and when cold, filled with Betty Crocker chocolate fudge filling*.

Swiss roll – sliced with a dollop of thick cream is fabulous!

Homemade Pizza Base**

Yorkshire Pudding **

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Carrot Cake (If you are planning to freeze don’t ice with the cream cheese topping)

Fabulous Fish Pie

Homemade Pastry. Use left over hot pot or stew to make tasty meat and potato pies or pasties. The reason for such a basic recipe is really just that, it’s basic and once you have got the hang of making gluten free pastry you will never look back.  The tip that has been passed on to me is don’t rub in your fat too finely, get sufficient water in to hold together and don’t be afraid to over knead the pastry.  Unlike traditional pastry where you want to limit how much you handle it,  gluten free pastry works the other way and the more time you spend kneading it the smoother and easier to handle it will be.  I do also think the pastry benefits from a teaspoon on Xanthan gum added to the Mix, as this holds the pastry together well.

Gluten Free Pastry

All of the above recipes can be portioned and frozen, which is very good because if you are like me the temptation to have a slice of cake at 8am on a Saturday Morning can sometimes be too great!!

** Bake before Freezing

*Check Gluten free

I do hope you have enjoyed the blog this month.  Please feel free to share your recipe tips and also advise me on anything you may like me to cover in future blogs.

Happy eating!!

Liz x

4 Responses to “My favourite gluten-free recipes”

  1. Maddie

    Hello. Can you tell me if there is any Xhantan gum in this mix? I’m very intolerant to it.

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Maddie, You are fine to go ahead and enjoy our mixes, we do not add any Xanthan gum. The Juvela Team.

  2. juliejohnson

    Hi’ just made my first batch of bread cobs in a muffin. Tin. They taste lovely, but I put well greased cling film over the top when proving, but when trying to remove the film it took all the tops off and left it all rough lookin. Also does come out funny shape with being in muffin tin and not ideal. For putting filling on for filled cobs. Any ideas? Julie from Cuckney.

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Julie, Sorry that you had a spot of bother the first time you made the bread cobs. It would be fine not to cover the bread for the length of time that you require it to prove, hope this helps for next time!! Kind Regards, The Juvela Team


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