Eating out Gluten Free

Since my last blog I have discovered a few little “gluten free gems” that I must share with you. A couple of them are local to me but one is a little further afield, The Village Rest, in Luss near Loch Lomond. I’m envious of people that have the Village Rest on the doorstep as it’s so good but unfortunately just not handy for me to pop there for lunch!!

As you are probably aware by now I am a huge fan of Indian food and it’s a pleasure to spread the word Lizzy indian Meal when I stumble across great eateries that offer both perfect service and super gluten free food!! Eastern Revive in Stockton Heath,  Warrington exceeded my expectations and I just wanted to share my evening with you. When we arrived, I checked that they would be able could cater for a gluten free diet which they confirmed would not be a problem. The manager said he would come over to take our order once we were ready, which was a very reassuring touch. The menu differed from other menus with gluten free options as in place of your standard “GF” which highlights gluten free options it had “G” to indicate the dish contains gluten. So basically, anything that did not have the “G” was good to go. There was certainly lots of options I have attached the menu for you to have a peep….

My friends are so accommodating and were happy to pick out dishes that were gluten free which meant we had a few different dishes to Curryshare. My friends did also order naan bread to accompany their meals which was not suitable for me but I did not mind as I had an array of dishes to tuck in to. We have a great recipe for a gluten free naan bread if you are havening an Indian meal at home. We opted for a chicken madras a Korma sauce and lamb tikka. The highlight of the evening for me had to be the fact that the chips were suitable as they used a separate fryer. The food was delicious and I will certainly be heading back to Eastern Revive very soon!!

Lizzy and cakeAnother place to let you know about is the Dingle Tea Room, Appleton, Warrington. It’s a lovely little quaint traditional tea room and is the perfect place to while away time with family and friends with a nice cuppa and a piece of cake. As you can see from my face I’m rather delighted that they had gluten free cake for me to tuck into…this was a lovely ginger cake!!

Ok, so finally it was my absolute pleasure to pop into the Village Rest (on several occasions) whilst on a recent visit to Loch Lomond. They had taken a standard menu and popped a blue dot next to all the dishes that were gluten free. Their menu was extensive and the food was great!! The first time we called in I just “needed” a sweet treat so ordered gluten free sticky toffee pudding, it was delicious and although piping hot I had it polished of in no time!!

The next day we called in for lunch. I was delighted to see on the menu that all the sandwich choices could be served on gluten free bread and that the chips were also marked up as being gluten free. I did just double check they were fried in their own fryer, which they were, so that was fine. I opted for a chicken club sandwich and a portion of chips to share with my husband. My gluten free club sandwich and chips were tremendous. I love this place…sat outside enjoying the April sunshine, tasty food and a glass of cider…. Life is good!!Liz at Village Rest

There are so many eateries now offering gluten free options which is brilliant, but even when the gluten free options are clearly marked please always do the “suitability” checks to make sure they understand the importance of your diet being strictly gluten free. Never be afraid to ask all the relevant questions for example, do you use a separate butter, chopping board, utensils and fryer to prepare gluten free foods? If anything, else pops into mind just ask and if in doubt, leave it out!

Just in case you may be now fancying a good tasty sticky toffee pudding, this is a fabulous recipe to have a bash at if you make a batch you can then freeze the sponges and defrost as required. Keep a bottle of *toffee sauce at hand for a quick sweet treat!!

Hope you have a fun bank holiday weekend!!

Lizzy X

*check it’s gluten free

4 Responses to “Eating out Gluten Free”

  1. Maureen Galloway

    Enjoyed reading your article- and good to know of another eatery serving gluten free food .
    I live in Paisley which isn’t far away from Loch Lomond and I will definitely check it out this Summer.

    Thank you – Maureen.

  2. Laura Fu

    I live in Warrington, do you too?
    Also Bistrot Pierre is great for gluten free in Stockton Heath, Warrington. And the fish and chip shop say they provide gluten free now too. Not tried it yet!

    • Juvela Admin

      Hi Laura, Yes I do and there are some great eateries within the area that are able to cater for a gluten free diet. I have eaten in Bistro Pierre in Stockton Heath and also Egos and both are great!! I will check out the fish and chip shop too to ensure safe for coeliacs (I love fish and chips!!)…thanks so much for the tip off!! Very Best wishes, Lizzy.


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