I Have Coeliac Disease. How Will The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Affect My Prescription?

As a person diagnosed with coeliac disease, you may be concerned about the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak in the UK. Here’s what you need to know about your gluten free prescription.

Will the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak Affect My Prescription?

Supply of staple gluten free food to pharmacies is currently unaffected in the United Kingdom. 

For the time being, there should be no delays in receiving gluten free products on your prescription.

Our team are doing their best to ensure you have access to Juvela staple gluten free food.

We will update this page should the situation develop.


Coronavirus COVID-19 and Coeliac Disease

We encourage our customers to keep an eye on the Coeliac UK website regarding coeliac disease and Coronavirus COVID-19. Alongside government guidelines regarding Coronavirus COVID-19, consider taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety to look after your mental health too. 


Gluten Free Stock Cupboard Recipes

We thought it might be helpful to make a list of gluten free recipes using stock cupboard essentials as the UK needs to stay home. Check out our collection of recipes to make wholesome meals with pantry staples.