Christmas 2018

Fresh Bread Christmas Delivery Schedule 2018

The Christmas season will soon be upon us so here are the important pharmacy ordering and delivery dates and deadlines to jot down in your diary! Remember, it’s never too early to be organised!

We are the ONLY gluten-free fresh bread brand delivering to your local pharmacy in between Christmas and New Year!

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The Juvela Christmas Planner

Our weekly planner in the run up to the festive season….take some of the stress out of the build up by being organised with your gluten-free food plans.

4 weeks to go – Stir up Sunday – kick off the festive season in the traditional way by making your Christmas Pud – click here to read our blog on Stir up Sunday as well as a fabulous Christmas Pud recipe. If you are making a Christmas cake as well, this can also be done in advance – allowing plenty of time to feed the cake with alcohol for maximum flavour 😊  

3 weeks to go – if you are super organised, you can make your mince pies and freeze them; and while you are pastry making, maybe knock up a few mini sausage rolls for the perfect party nibbles. Both freeze really well and can be defrosted as and when you need them during the festivities.

2 weeks to go – be ahead of the game and make your stuffing and pop in the freezer – whether it be traditional sage & onion or something a little different like apple & apricot stuffing. And if you usually make your own pigs in blankets (which take a matter of minutes), you can easily make these in advance and freeze them too – another couple of jobs ticked off your list!

1 week to go – if you’re planning a dessert for any none fruit cake lovers, our Christmas Chocolate log is a classic favourite – again, can be made in advance and frozen. And if the children have finished school and you are looking for ways to keep them entertained, these Christmas Cake Pops are fun to make and decorate!

And if you have enough head-space, you might even think ahead to a recipe or two for your festive leftovers – from bubble & squeak with your left-over veg to turkey & ham pies with your left-over turkey.

NB. There are lots of useful ‘Christmas Day meal time planners’ online that you can download if you want to ensure that all goes to plan with your cooking and timings on the big day!

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