Beans on toast!

With all the Christmas festivities behind us it is quite nice to get back to the old classics for lunch and thankfully being coeliac does not stop me from enjoying an endless variety of simple and fancy dishes!

Well today I’m going less fancy as I am just about to tuck into a favourite lunch of mine… Heinz baked beans on a couple of slices of Juvela fibre sliced bread, freshly toasted and buttered – delicious!

Liz tucking in her beans on toast!

Liz tucking in her beans on toast!

The reason I decided to put a post on about beans on toast is because I speak to so many coeliacs who are not aware that there is so much within the mainstream supermarket shelves (not just the free from aisle) that is naturally gluten free and your diet can still be exciting and varied. There are some food such as bread, mix, pasta, biscuits which you will need to get gluten free replacements for, however  there are plenty of things which are naturally gluten-free and can still be on the menu!

So my future blogs will include recommendations of lots of different things every day meals that you can enjoy the same as you would have done before being diagnosed with the condition.