Bake Off – Gluten Free Style!


This year marks the sixth series of everybody’s favourite baking show… The Great British Bake Off! We know that many of you are avid fans, so if you’re feeling inspired to create gluten free alternatives, look no further. We’ve compiled a round-up of our best suggestions for each episode…

Episode One: Cake
Gateaux, Madeira – you name it, Juvela Mix is good for it! We’re given many rave reviews about the comparable, excellent results achieved through using our Mix in place of gluten-containing flour… so why not give it a go? Our Lemon Drizzle Recipe is a firm favourite and really simple too.

Episode Two: Biscuits
Week Two brought about cute Biscuit Boxes for the Showstoppers… we’ve got some great biscuit recipes on our website if you’re feeling up to the challenge!

Episode Three: Bread
Baguettes, Soda Bread, 3D Bread Sculptures… it was all going on! We’ve got a simple Bread Recipe for if a tasty home-made loaf is what you’re after.

Episode Four: Desserts
Crème Brûlée, Austrian Meringues and Showstopping Cheesecakes… scrumptious! Check out our Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheescake Recipe if you fancy an impressive pud of your own.

Episode Five: Alternative Ingredients
Gluten Free Pittas on prime time telly – hurrah! While not all of the contestants had success with their attempts, you can’t go wrong with our recipe. Don’t forget that these pittas freeze well too – so you can make a batch and dip in when needed!

Episode Six: Pastry
Frangipane tarts, puff pastry and… Cypriot flaouna? Week Six was a very mixed bag indeed! Some types of pastry can be quite time-consuming and difficult to master, so our Feta and Tomato Tartlets recipe is a great alternative using gluten free bread. It’s super simple to prepare while still looking and tasting scrumptious.

Episode Seven: Victorian
Pies, fruit cake and jelly dessert – Victorian Week was a strangely fun surprise! If you’d like to make a traditional ‘game pie’ or something similar, we have a great shortcrust recipe which you can make using Juvela Mix.

Episode Eight: Patisserie
The Quarter Finals focused on all things patisserie,
and the ‘religieuse a l’ancienne’ showstoppers varied in elegance along with keep-upright-ability! We’ve got a wonderful gluten free profiteroles recipe if those extravagant éclairs inspired you to create something similar.

Episode Nine: Chocolate
Chocoholics beware: Semifinals Week was not for the faint of heart! Chocolate Soufflé was the technical challenge and produced some tasty results… Try our own Chocolate Soufflé recipe for a gorgeous gluten free treat. If you’d prefer something that you don’t have to eat straight away, this Sticky Chocolate and Pecan Brownies will not disappoint… yummy.

Episode 10: The Final

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the last episode… be sure to keep your eye out for our suggestions soon!

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